New Year Baby

With the new year comes new products for your little one.  New babies soon to arrive and others already drinking in their new world have inspired our new baby line.

First, we have created a Goat Milk soap that is completely all naturally and mild enough to pamper and care for your baby’s delicate skin. This all natural baby soap is made with only olive oil and coconut oil which helps nourish sensitive skin. The added goat’s milk creates an even milder soap that soothes while the soap cleans.  Our all natural baby goat’s milk soap is fragrance free so you don’t have to be concerned about the harsh effects of fragrance on young skin.

Secondly, we have created an all natural, preservative and talc free baby powder that will keep your baby’s bum and tiny parts dry and refreshed.  Our all natural baby powder was made by crushing real chamomile flowers and lavender buds and combining them with arrowroot powder and kaolin clay. The arrowroot powder and kaolin clay provide all natural moisture wicking properties while the lavender and chamomile create a lovely scent and act to deodorize and nurture your baby.

Combine these to make a great gift for those in your life who have just had a baby or are expecting one.

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  1. Classy looking label, Mary!

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