The Science of Moisture

No matter what lotion you buy you have probably noticed that the foremost ingredient is water. It is often easy to assume that this is a cost cutting method to “water down” products; however, when it comes to moisturizers it is the very opposite. Our bodies need water. It is the primary ingredient of our bodies and is necessary to maintain health and vitality. Not only do our bodies depend on water but our skin does too.

The only downside to this wonderful ingredient is that bacteria love water too. A puddle of water left to itself quickly becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria.  This nourishing water then becomes a threat to our health. Lotions and skin products are no exception to this reality.

Major commercial manufacturers of lotions put a plethora of preservatives in their lotions in order to ensure that bacteria will not grow in their products. Even though the end goal is admirable and also legally required, recent studies have shown that these preservatives contain parabens and formaldehyde.

It might be instantly obvious to most of us that we wouldn’t want to be slathering our skin with formaldehyde but what about Parabens? Since many of the everyday products we use contain parabens, including commercial moisturizers, it is good for us to be aware of their long term effects.

Parabens have been linked to certain types of cancer. They mimic the hormone estrogen in our system which is a threat to women. Too much estrogen in the system could possibly result in breast cancer. Women are not the only ones effected by this subtle contaminant. Researchers have also discovered that parabens effect the male reproductive system, hence the new labels “BP (batylparaben) free” on sippy cups, bottles, etc.

With all this research regarding the danger of preservatives, especially ones containing parabens and formaldehyde, it is very difficult to create an all natural moisturizer that contains water and yet uses a more natural paraben free preservative.

Our first reaction to this at Oil and Spice was to only offer preservative free moisturizers. Our line of body butters provides a safe alternative since they contain only oil. We found that these body butters were excellent for dry skin; however, because of the absence of water it does take them a bit longer to absorb. For these reasons our next step in our moisturizer line was to create an all natural lotion that we could be confident in even with the use of a preservative.

After many hours of research we have discovered a preservative that is both paraben and formaldehyde free and still performs its essential role of combating bacteria.  Thus, our line of body creams was formulated. Instead of referring to them as lotions we consider to be body creams since we have created something thicker and more silky than the typical over the counter lotion. Our body creams are extremely moisturizing but absorb quickly so that you can return to your everyday tasks quickly.

At this time we offer three scent options: Summertime, Bergamot and Grapefruit, and Rose. We plan to offer many more scents and always love to hear what scents you would like us to create.

With our all natural body creams you can restore the moisture that winter is so desperately trying to rob from your skin and still be confident that what you are rubbing into your skin is safe for you and your family.

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