All Natural for baby and me

Having a baby of my own has certainly inspired me to create products that I am confident are good for her and her skin.  I care so deeply for her and her soft delicate skin that I can’t even bear to stand in the aisle of baby products commercially made with ingredients that I don’t recognize.

My latest creation is Happy Baby Infant Massage Oil. It was inspired by a customer of mine who loves the Happy Baby Balm but also understands the importance and bonding experience that an infant massage can effect. The request was all I needed to dive into research for this product. This research resulted in a skin enriching blend of Organic Sunflower Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and extremely nourishing Grapeseed Oil. These oils are all excellent for a baby’s skin and safe enough for her to get into her mouth if it were to get on her hands.

To these oils I added pure Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils because I love these oils for babies. Lavender is so calming and very safe on an infant’s skin. Tea Tree acts as a healing oil to fight bacteria and restore skin that is prone to diaper rashes and other dry skin issues.

Infant massage has so many wonderful and positive outcomes. It helps you and your baby to bond. It relaxes your baby and prepares him to rest. It can also alleviate discomfort from gas.  I love the massage time because it is time for me to have with my little girl in a quiet environment, away from the normal chaos of the day.

I am very excited about this new massage oil and all my other baby products.

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